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Digital Wellbeing: Raising Awareness

​The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitalisation of our work, social and learning environments at an unexpected rate. All over the world people’s agility were put to the test since March 2020 and many in-person events had to be cancelled, downsized, or alternative virtual activities were created. 

Virtual health walks, fundraisers and campaigns are now the order of the day. A variety of online opportunities including lectures, work sessions, seminars, meetings, and even online social events can be accessed on the internet and through social media platforms. 

The rapid digitalisation of the world has many advantages. It is however important that users of digital devices should be aware of its influence – positive and negative – on their general wellbeing. Digital wellbeing focusses on the impact that digitalisation has on people’s emotional, physical, social, and occupational health. It aims to increase people’s awareness of their relationships with technology and its influence on their lives. It also empowers people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing while functioning in the digital realm. 

The Centre for Learning Technologies (CLT) and the Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD) collaboratively developed an interactive open-source online publication titled Entering the world of digital wellbeing. 

The e-book consists of three main sections, namely:
an introduction to digital wellbeing; 
self-image, identities, and online relationships; and 
managing the role of digital technology in your life.

This e-book offers an interactive and exploratory journey and aims to equip the readers with knowledge and skills needed to take responsibility for their wellbeing in a digitalised world. 

An introductory video can be accessed at 
The online booklet can be accessed at