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Communication regarding the Stellenbosch University Library Refurbishment Project

​We are pleased to announce that the Stellenbosch University Library will undergo renovations in 2021. The project is funded from the University Campus Renewal Projects funds. Work will commence on 22 February and should be completed by mid-September 2021.

Renovations will include the installation of a new client service desk, new students' workspaces, redesign of the reading area, new furniture, flooring and new toilets for students and staff. The project is limited to the southern portion of the upper level of the SU Library and will not affect the Law Section, Learning Commons, Special Collections and most of the staff offices. The lower level of the Library is not affected except for the toilets and construction of two new LAN rooms on that level.

The renovations will consist of upgrading the existing facilities and infrastructure to accommodate clients' needs and create a contemporary aesthetic for the SU Library while maintaining the integrity of the existing building. The primary focus of the project is to provide the clients with comfortable and effective spaces in which to work while making it easier to use and navigate the library.

To minimise disruptions, the work will be completed in three phases.

Phase 1 of the project will run from 22 February until the end of July 2021. This phase will consist of renovations of the client service desk, short loans and related staff work areas and staff toilets. These areas will be closed off during construction. The central section between Special Collections and the Law Section (currently housing the Science and AgriSciences collections, student work areas, faculty librarians and shelves) will also be closed. The Science & AgriSciences books and printed journals will not be available for the duration of the project. However, the Law Section, Special Collections and upper level toilets will still be accessible. The Science and AgriSciences faculty librarians will temporarily be relocated to the Learning Commons.

Work will also commence on the lower level toilets and no access will be allowed to these areas.

During this phase, computer workstations and the printer on the upper level will be removed and clients will be requested to use the Learning Commons or the computer workstations on the lower level.

Phase 2 begins on 26 July to be completed by 30 August 2021. During this phase, upper level students' toilets will be closed off for construction. There will be ongoing work in the central section of the upper level where new students' study and work areas will be installed and shelves moved. New flooring will be completed and the computer workstations and printer will be reinstated.

Phase 3 will commence on 16 August and be completed by the end of September 2021. The remaining construction will comprise the renovation of the entrance foyer, access control and new security area. The adjacent reading area as well as new work desks for students along the double volume space will be installed.

During all phases of the construction, there will be ongoing work to ceiling spaces and services for data activation.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused during the time of the refurbishments. However, you can take solace from the fact that you will have access to comfortable and effective spaces after the completion of the project.

Contact Delene Pretorius for further details about the project.

2 February 2021