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Join an Online Psychological Skills Training Group

The Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD) invites students to join an online psychological skills training group. This group has been designed for university students by an international team of mental health experts. The skills you will learn are grounded in the science of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and will help you master strategies to manage feelings of depression and anxiety.

Who should join the group?
The group is for anyone who wants to:
  • understand themselves better;
  • build psychological resilience and mental flexibility;
  • manage distressing feelings and behaviours; and/or
  • learn skills to improve their psychological health.
The group is also for anyone who is struggling with intense feelings of depression and/or anxiety. Even if you are currently seeing a doctor or therapist, the group can still teach you valuable skills and provide additional support. This group is not a substitute for other forms of therapy.
Being at university can be a stressful time: students must deal with academic demands, financial pressures and social issues. These stressors can have a negative impact on your psychological health. This group is designed to help you develop the skills you need to deal with these day-to-day challenges, so that you don’t develop mental health problems in the future.
How does the group work?
The group meets online once a week for one hour and will be facilitated by a psychology master’s student who has received training in helping students develop psychological skills. The group consists of 10 sessions, covering five themes. These themes are listed below:
  1. You feel the way you think:

    Emotional triggers and automatic thoughts
    How to identify activating events (emotional triggers) and recognize how automatic thoughts contribute to the way you feel.
    Challenging automatic thoughts and core beliefs
    How to identify and challenge unhelpful core beliefs and automatic thoughts

  2. Planning to succeed: 

    Getting on top of problems before they get you down
    How to recognize stressors and use strategies to solve interpersonal and emotional problems.
    Goal setting and planning
    How to set goals and plan for behaviour change.

  3. Hacks to boost your mood:

    Avoiding thinking traps
    How to identify and modify dysfunctional patterns of thinking.
    Overcoming rumination and guilt
    How to use strategies to overcome rumination and guilt.

  4. Building mastery:

    Behaviour activation
    How to identify and increase activities that promote feelings of wellbeing and reduce stress.
    Behaviours that matter
    How to identify unhealthy habits and develop health-promoting behaviours.

  5. Avoiding meltdowns:

    Understanding the body’s stress response
    Understanding the body’s stress response and how to use strategies to regulate physiological arousal to stressors.
    Managing stress and overcoming avoidance
    How to manage stress and overcome avoidance.
What do I need to do to join a group?
Email, to inform us that you would like to join a group.

Remember: Asking for help is never shameful. In the most extreme cases, it can help save a life. When struggling, talk to friends, family or someone who will listen. Alternatively, contact our Centre for Student Counselling and Development at on (021) 808 4707 or Our 24-hour Emergency Service, in collaboration with ER24, is available at 010 205 3032.