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Stay Connected: Maties Alumni Relations and the Convocation at SU
Author: Development & Alumni Relations
Published: 25/05/2023
​​​The Stellenbosch University (SU) Convocation will gather for an extraordinary meeting on Thursday 1 June – in person at the Bloemhof Girls High School in Stellenbosch and online globally, but you will need to register to attend. Two motions (Motion 1 and Motion 2) are expected to be heard at the meeting, which will require your vote. As an alumnus, it's important for you to understand the significance of Alumni Relations at SU and the role of the Convocation. Karen Bruns, Senior Director: Development and Alumni Relations (DAR), writes:

At Stellenbosch University, we believe in fostering a caring and global community of Maties. The mission of DAR is to provide resources that keep you involved, informed, and connected with the university. Through various initiatives, we offer you opportunities to expand your network, engage with fellow alumni, and support the future sustainability of this University.

Why Stay Connected

Remaining connected with your alma mater holds several benefits. Herewith a few of these benefits:

  1. Joining a Global Network: As a SU alum, you become part of an international network of alumni with similar educational backgrounds, diverse perspectives, and growing connections. Toast your transition from student to Matie alumnus/alumna at our Alumni Clubhouse at Coetzenburg and embrace the power of a vast and supportive network.
  2. Seizing Opportunities: Our network, programmes, and platforms provide a gateway to seizing opportunities even after graduation. Connect with fellow alumni, tap into our resources, and unlock pathways to success in your chosen field.
  3. Shaping the Future: Participating in our alumni engagement programmes allows you to play a vital role in shaping the future of SU. By supporting students, becoming an ambassador of the university, and sharing your knowledge and experiences, you contribute to the growth and development of future generations.
  4. Specialised Networks: We offer specialised networks to cater to the unique interests of our alumni. For example, SWAN (Stellenbosch Women Alumnae Network) brings together outstanding Matie women through mentorship, leadership programmes, round-table discussions, and more. Additionally, our Matie Alumni Wine Club connects wine enthusiasts and cultivates a community within our alumni network.
  5. Affinity with Residences and Academic Departments: Many alumni feel a strong affinity toward their former residences or academic departments. DAR encourages and supports engagement between alumni and these entities, fostering connections, knowledge sharing, and industry outreach.
  6. Maties in Sports: Alumni engagement is crucial for university sports departments. DAR collaborates with Maties Sport to keep alumni engaged by sharing insights, supporting student athletes, attending sports events and reunions, coaching, mentoring, and fundraising.

​​Convocation: Voicing Your Concerns and Ideas

The Convocation serves as a platform for SU alumni to express their opinions, share ideas, and contribute to the direction and future of the institution. As defined in the Institutional Statute, the Convocation aims to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between the university and its members. By advising the Council and Senate, the Convocation plays a vital role in shaping the university's welfare. CLICK HERE for the institutional rules that govern the Convocation.

Who is the Convocation?

You! The Convocation includes all university graduates, academic staff, and former full-time academic staff who have reached retirement age. To ensure effective communication, it is essential to update your contact details with the Alumni Office. Membership on the Convocation allows you to vote and receive important notices.

The Convocation Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, comprising of five elected representatives, oversees the Convocation's operations, acting as a bridge between the Convocation membership and the management of the university. These dedicated members hold office for three years and actively contribute to the Convocation's activities. Elections for the new Executive Committee take place in November 2023.

Roles within the Executive Committee

The President and Vice-President convene annual and extraordinary Convocation meetings, while the Secretary maintains records and communicates with Convocation members. There are also two additional member seats on the Exco.

The Convocation's Impact

The Convocation serves as an advisory body to the Council and the Institutional Forum. As a Convocation member, you can provide advice, nominate individuals for positions, and elect representatives to these governing bodies. By participating in the Convocation, you have the opportunity to influence important decisions concerning equity policies, management selection, and the overall institutional culture.


As a valued member of our alumni community, staying connected with Stellenbosch University is an enriching experience that enables you to shape the future of our institution, support fellow Maties, embrace opportunities, build valuable networks, and remain engaged with our vibrant community.

Through DAR and the Convocation, we invite you to join us in making a positive impact. Update your contact details, get involved, and continue your journey as a proud Matie alumnus/alumna. In partnership with our university, let's celebrate our shared legacy and forge new paths of success.

  • ​Please contact for more information; or to register for the extraordinary meeting. ​