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Centre for Learning Technologies: Alumni Newsletter
Author: Elzette le Roux
Published: 13/09/2022

The Centre for Learning Technologies (CLT) is committed to creating professional learning opportunities for staff in their efforts to meaningfully include learning technology into their courses for students. To continue professional learning beyond these formalised opportunities, the CLT is launching a Centre Newsletter with the intention to broaden our alumni network and create new pathways for future collaboration.


During each quarter of the year Alumni, and/or other subscribers to the Newsletter, can expect a relevant theme to be unpacked in three sections that include centre news, a scholarly reading and something new in relation to the theme. The first theme in the first edition of the CLT Newsletter will focus on the concept of Blended Learning.


Since 2014 the CLT offered short courses to Stellenbosch University staff members to further develop knowledge in the theoretical and practical aspects of technology-mediated teaching, learning and assessment. From 2022 the CLT expanded on the short course offerings to staff with an Advanced Blended Teaching and Learning short course. This pilot course is designed for the teacher of the future, from new lecturers to more senior academics from all disciplines with a keen interest in teaching and learning at the one hand and digital technologies at the other hand. Alumni who successfully completed the Introduction to Blended Teaching and Learning short course are especially invited to enrol for the Advanced course during our next intake in 2023.


To ensure you receive the quarterly Centre for Learning Technologies Newsletter and become part of new pathways for future collaboration, contact us.