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SU Teaching Awards 2022
Author: Karin Cattell-Holden
Published: 11/08/2022

Applications for the Stellenbosch University (SU) Teaching Awards 2022 are currently awaited.

The annual Teaching Awards acknowledge and reward outstanding teaching at SU. All teaching academics are eligible for these awards.

Academics may apply for an individual award or a collaborative award

1. Individual awards
The individual awards are offered in two categories: Scholarly Teacher and Leaderly Teaching Scholar

According to the Teaching and Learning Policy (2018:4), “[t]he teaching role progresses from reflective practitioners[1] to scholarly teachers, who then become teaching scholars[2] and, ultimately, leaderly teaching scholars":

    1. ​1 The Scholarly Teacher award (previously known as the Developing Teacher award) is open to teaching academics who are reflective practitioners and also:

      • draw on educational literature to reflect on their teaching practice and professional growth, and
      • move beyond personal reflection to observation and peer review of their teaching. (Teaching and Learning Policy, 2018:4-5)
    1. ​2 Th​e Leaderly Teaching Scholar award (previously known as the Distinguished Teacher award) is open to teaching academics who are teaching scholars and also:
      • contribute to the body of teaching and learning knowledge through publication, and
      • provide leadership in the field of teaching practice institutionally, nationally and internationally.
        (Teaching and Learning Policy, 2018:5)

2. Collaborative award
The Teaching Collaboration award is open to a group of two or more academics from the same department or different departments/faculties who have worked together over a sustained period to design, develop and deliver a module, programme or other teaching-related project, such as curriculum renewal. At the time of application, the module/programme/project must already have been in the implementation phase for a minimum of two years.

In accordance with the Teaching and Learning Policy (2018:5), the teaching portfolio is used as the primary vehicle by which teaching excellence is judged in all three categories. Assistance with portfolio development is available from the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) advisors in faculties.

Nominees are selected by means of an internal faculty process. Successful faculty applications should subsequently be submitted to at the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) by 31 October 2022. After review by an institutional selection committee, the successful nominees will be informed of their selection in the fourth quarter and receive their awards at a ceremony at the end of that quarter.

For enquiries, please contact Dr Karin Cattell-Holden at

[1]Reflective practitioners think deliberately and critically about their teaching practice, and systematically review and document their professional growth" (Teaching and Learning Policy, 2018:4).

[2] "Teaching scholars research their teaching practice and document their professional growth with a view to publishing their findings publicly and contributing to the body of teaching and learning knowledge" (Teaching and Learning Policy, 2018:5).​