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I have one word for 2022: SUNFin
Author: Petro Mostert
Published: 22/03/2022

When I had to write a message for 2022, one word came to mind: SUNFin. Since we started this journey to the cloud (without a rocket from SpaceX, that is), we never thought it could ever become the project it is currently: engulfing us in every way possible.

Building a house in the 80s

​Our current Adabas financial system can best be described as a house that a newlywed coupled had built for themselves in the 1980s. With the birth of every child, they would add one room at a time, later a playroom, a study, indoor gymnasium, a long corridor and eventually even a garden flat for the grandparents. Similarly, we added rooms and functionalities to our financial system to accommodate more faculties, students, suppliers, debtors, and creditors. It was easy to do, as we had the functionality in-house.

Moving to Oracle Cloud Financials, is like locking up this huge house with furniture and appliances and with only your clothes, some books (on kindle) and your (electric) toothbrush in hand, we moving into a fully furnished and equipped apartment on the fifth floor with remote access and a coffee machine that know at what time to brew your morning coffee.

Our new house has no space for any clutter or hoarding. No customisation is possible.

We have reached our tipping point, and the risks are high as we move to the cloud, which people refer to as the innovation engine for today's digital economy. Within this engine are the people who must multitask, work very long hours and give more of themselves than we could ever imagine.

Thank you all for every minute of every day you bend over backwards for Stellenbosch University. This too shall pass, but until then, my door is open to help where I can. I believe in this team and know you will get us in the cloud on time.​