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Innovus celebrates women entrepreneurs
Author: Innovus
Published: 20/08/2021

​Innovus, Stellenbosch University's university-industry innovation interaction platform for the commercialisation of SU's assets, celebrates our women entrepreneurs – an opportunity to showcase SU's entrepreneurial talent.

"We've decided to launch a series of stories celebrating entrepreneurial women in Stellenbosch during this year's women's month," says Anita Nel, Chief Director: Innovation and Business Development. "Every year, more and more women approach us with their innovations and ideas to start small businesses and time and time again, we stand in awe of what they bring to us. We've seen it all: farming with insects, solutions for early detection of cancer, virtual reality therapy tools and eco-friendly shark barriers, to name but a few.," says Anita.

Meet the women entrepreneurs of BioCODE

This week, Innovus celebrates its first group of women entrepreneurs: The team from BioCODE. BioCODE develop point-of-care smart sensing solutions that detect novel circulating inflammatory molecules in the blood.

The directors of BioCODE are Prof Resia Pretorius, head of Stellenbosch University's Physiological Sciences Department in the Faculty of Science (Managing Director), Prof Anna-Mart Engelbrecht and Prof Willie Perold. Together with Este Burger and Simoné Turner, the team pride themselves that they are the first company to receive funding from the newly formed University Technology Fund (UTF) for developing their rapid inflammation biosensor. Innovus Technology Transfer has been working very closely with the team and supported them to protect their intellectual property, set up the company, enter into partnerships, raising funding etc.​

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