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Commemorating Mandela Day: SU students seeing themselves more clearly in service of others.
Author: Nicolette Dirk
Published: 20/07/2021
​​​​This year, Stellenbosch University’s Matie Community Service (MCS) commemorated Mandela Day online by sharing the positive stories of students and staff involved in community service projects.

Celebrated annually on 18 July, Nelson Mandela International Day (“Mandela Day”) was introduced to honour the legacy of this late South African statesman. The day, which coincides with Mandela’s birthday, was officially declared by the United Nations (UN) in November 2009. It serves as a global call for individuals to give of their time to a charity or good cause to improve or have a meaningful impact on society.

MCS, in turn, is a non-profit organisation housed in the Division of Social Impact at Stellenbosch University (SU) that supports, enhances, and enables volunteer opportunities for the SU community. 

With a view to this year’s Mandela Day, MCS has produced a 30-minute video themed “SU students seeing themselves more clearly in service of others". The video not only highlights high-impact community service initiatives but also raises awareness of the real-world problems experienced.

The video tells the stories of several students who have engaged meaningfully with community partners, and the critical discoveries they have made about themselves along the way. It also features commentary from a number of staff members on SU’s commitment to the development of graduate attributes, the power of experiential learning, and the UN’s sustainable development goals.
“As a university, we have a social responsibility also to use our expertise and experience for the benefit of those in society who are less privileged than us,” says Renee Hector-Kannemeyer, SU’s deputy director of Social Impact. “We must develop well-rounded thought leaders who have broadened their horizons and are able to give what they have learnt and experienced back to society as engaged citizens.” 

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