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WiFi availability in residences at 95%
Author: Operations and Finance
Published: 29/03/2021

Altogether 95% of residences on Stellenbosch and Tygerberg campuses now have sufficient WiFi coverage. 

A WiFi Classroom Project was done in conjunction with Facilities Management’s Classroom Upgrading project. Where permanent WiFi was not possible, ad hoc temporary arrangements were made to have some WiFi available in most classrooms.

With the ICT in T+L Network project that started in 2015, IT upgraded the network of several buildings together with the installation of WiFi.  These projects were also done in conjunction with Facilities Management's Campus Renewal Project. 

The next phase of the ICT project is to provide buildings with WiFi coverage where the Campus Renewal Project does not intend to refurbish buildings in the near future. For this project, existing network points will be upgraded to connect to WiFi access points.

The WiFi coverage on the Stellenbosch Campus is depicted on the map below. We expect an interactive map soon, which will provide much more detail. 

campus map.png