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Elsabe Daneel Communication Workshops 2023
Author: Claudia Swart
Published: 06/09/2023


Elsabé Daneel is a well-known television presenter and television and movie actress and has produced and acted in many theatre productions. She is a producer, director and presenter of corporate videos as well as documentaries for kykNET and M-Net.

As communication and media strategist, she conducts communication workshop titled Communication IQ. These fun-filled and practical workshops in communication and projection skills are geared for corporate clients, television and radio presenters, actors, public speakers, educators, students, academic personnel, etc.

Elsabé will offer one communication workshop for Stellenbosch University academic (lecturing) staff during 2023.  

Participants can look forward to the following during the workshop:
·            Grasping communication jargon
·            Discovering the ABC of the communication process
·            Evaluating your strong and weaker points as a communicator
·            Making communication models work for you
·            Sussing out the technicalities that influence the communication process
·            Recognising the role of personal style
·            Thriving on body language
·            Experimenting with vocalics
·            Indulging in relaxation techniques that work
·            Packaging your verbal message
·            Establishing rapport
·            The dynamics of communication
·            Tips for highly effective communicators
·            Using technology in the classroom as part of the 'flipped classroom method'
·            Communicating effectively via online lectures.

26 September

13:00 to 17:00
Skuilhoek, 41 Victoria Street.
There are only 10 places available per workshop.
Please contact Claudia Swart ( for more information and to book your seat!