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A new era awaits cinema in Die Neelsie
Author: Innovus
Published: 15/12/2020

​​In January 2021 the popular Pulp Cinema will open its doors once again to screen the Pulp Film Society's films to Stellenbosch University's community. The cinema complex will now be under the management of SU's Central Events and Conference Office (CECO), in close collaboration with the Pulp Film Society who,  as the main client, will continue to use this popular space in Die Neelsie (Langenhoven Student Centre).  The name of the facility will change to the Neelsie Cinema.

In light of rumours in media that the cinema will be closing down, Anita Nel, Chief Director of Innovus, under which CECO falls, confirmed that the University has consistently been clear on the point that the Pulp Film Society will continue as before, or even better. “Utilising the theatre complex better has been part of our planning for many years.  With CECO now being involved, it means that the cinema will be fully utilised to its capacity as a multifunctional venue. The cinema facility will also be used for other events or conferences when no films are scheduled for either one of the cinemas. A scheduled programme of events, in accordance with CECO, will ensure that the greater SU community can now also have the benefit of this facility and more events will bring more feet to the Neelsie, to the benefit of all the tenants.  We can now also offer the facility at a discounted rate to the Pulp Film Society."

The previous tenant, Werner de Swardt, whose lease contract came to an end, will still be providing a service to the Pulp Film Society and will be running the confectionary kiosks in the cinema following an agreement with CECO. As per the original planning, he will also continue to assist with the procurement and showing of films, as well as the maintenance of the cinema equipment as a service provider to the Pulp Film Society. SUNCOM is also planning to upgrade the cinema's equipment and the facility will be renamed to the Neelsie Cinema in line with its broader utilisation.

Prof Stan du Plessis, Chief Operations Officer, says he is excited that this popular venue will now be available to the broader SU community and used more effectively to accommodate other events as well. "As part of our broader strategy to utilise our SU facilities more effectively and ensure income for the university, we believe Neelsie Cinema and the Neelsie complex will greatly benefit from this new agreement in future. I have confidence in CECO and believe this vehicle will provide the necessary structure to ensure that Neelsie Cinema will function effectively as an events venue." 

Annika Hohbach, the chairperson of the Pulp Film Society" says she is looking forward to 2021 when the society can once again offer its members and the broader Stellenbosch community the best entertainment. "We are looking forward to working with CECO in creating a venue that offers a variety of services that will benefit a broader university community, whilst still offering nostalgy and an authentic cinema experience to the members of the Pulp Film Society."​