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Research Report highlights SU's contribution to global SDGs
Author: Division for Research Development
Published: 25/06/2020

​Climate change, energy, conservation, health and medicine, human rights, transformation, gender, disability, arts, democracy, education, big data, governance and technology.

These are just some of interesting and ground-breaking research topics featured in the latest edition of Stellenbosch University (SU)'s  multi-award winning publication Research at Stellenbosch University. Produced annually by SU's Division for Research Development (DRD), this flagship publication offers the national and international research community as well as other interested parties a comprehensive, yet accessible overview of innovative and interesting research being done at the institution.

The theme of the edition is a follow-up on the 2018 edition and again focuses on Research for Impact which is one of SU's core strategic themes from its Vision 2040 and Strategic Framework 2019–2024. Reporting on specific research projects of individual researchers and research groups at the University, the  2019 edition explores specific detailed focus areas that fit well within our five strategic research themes and further indicates how SU  contributes to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our research.

Research for Impact at SU implies optimising the scientific, economic, social, scholarly and cultural impact of the institution's research. 

In his foreword to Research at Stellenbosch University,  SU Rector and Vice-Chancellor Prof Wim de Villiers states  that the publication gives practical expression to what the University  has set out to do – contribute to the betterment of society – on a global scale. “That is research for impact – using our research expertise to change society for the better and to make a positive difference to people's lives".

According to Maryke Hunter-Hüsselmann, Director: Research Information and Strategy at the DRD and  editor of the publication, it also pays tribute to SU researchers' commitment and tenacity, and their exceptional contributions to society.

“The report provides a snapshot of contributions by highly talented and dedicated SU researchers who help create a society where people can live peacefully, where good health, social justice and dignity are promoted, where human creativity and social innovations are developed, where poverty and related conditions are eradicated, where sustainable developments ensure the future of our natural resources and the environment, and where technological developments contribute to the advancement of the lives of people."

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest edition will currently only be available in electronic format. Click here to access the virtual copy.  

For more information on the publication, contact Maryke Hunter-Husselmann,