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SRC launches their "Clean Campaing"
Author: Students' Representative Council (SRC) / Studenteraad (SR)
Published: 04/06/2020

The first test week of the academic calendar, notorious for being a stressful period for all students, was met with new and challenging circumstances this year. In response to the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was therefore imperative that we, as student leaders, take proactive steps to ensure the wellbeing of our fellow Maties. This led to the formation of the Clean Campaign, a collaborative effort by the Students' Representative Council (SRC), Tygerberg Student Council, Military Academy Student Council and Grace-to-Grace student upliftment group.

The first phase of this Campaign was initiated prior to the implementation of the national lockdown. This was done through a social media campaign on various student platforms with the purpose of reducing panic among students by providing the necessary information to protect themselves and those around them. Clean Campaign posters were also distributed with emergency contact numbers, cleaning techniques and other information pertaining to student safety.

With the support of the Rectorate of Stellenbosch University (SU) and the Division for Student Affairs, we are now in the final preparation stages of distributing 1 500 Clean Care packages across our campuses. These packages contain a Clean Campaign brochure, hand sanitiser and a face mask as a means of supporting students who have remained either in a residence or in private accommodation in and around campus during this time. To download the Clean Campaign brochure as a PDF, click here.

While the demand for these products has far exceeded the current supply, the SU is in no shortage of talented and resourceful individuals. With the help of residence and private student organisation representatives, we therefore hope to connect with students who are willing to support and engage in this Campaign. The next phase of the Clean Campaign is to create a platform where students can voice their ideas and contribute towards creating a safer learning and social environment.

We hope that, through this Campaign, we can encourage other institutions, businesses and people to realise that we are in this together and that only through working together can we protect each other. Please contact us at to become a part of our project.