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Social Impact
Author: M Frei
Published: 12/12/2019

The Earth Sciences department regularly offers community outreach projects for learners and school teachers

Delft high school learners visited the departement to learn about climate change on 23 October 2019. The grade 10 learnes were greeted by our team which was at the time on a research expedition to Antarctica. The learners  joined the discussions with other environmental researchers of the team at the department.

Delft School.jpgCommunity outreach Susanne Delft small.jpg

The team on the Agulhas II expedition ship greeted the learners visiting the ES department.

Read more about this and other visitors at the ES department.


Other Social Impact projects are

  • Transatlantic Science Educational Cooperative​​ (TSEC)

This initiative focuses on three objectives, namely: 1) Scientific skill set and literacy development among R-12 students within the Western Cape and in collaboration with the Western Cape Education District, 2) Establishment of collaboration between Stellenbosch University, North Carolina State University, and the Western Cape Education District and ​3) Capacity building for teachers to develop in-class experimental and observation learning projects. Read more...​​

  • ​The Earth Sciences Introduction - Inspiration (ESII)​
The department of Earth Sciences has since 2017 set up an initiative to introduce primary school learners to various aspects of Earth Sciences. Topics range from minerals and rock types and fossils, from ore to metal, and environmental geology. Visits to the department give the learners a feeling of what it is like to be at a university. They can include a small lecture as well as a tour or quiz related to our rock, mineral and fossil exhibition. The leaners have the chance to gain hands-on experience with a variety of tasks. Read more...​