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Fit-for-purpose Huis ten Bosch reopens in 2021
Author: Corporate Communication Division/Afdeling Korporatiewe Kommunikasie
Published: 29/10/2019

​​​​​​​Repair and construction work to Stellenbosch University's Huis ten Bosch (HtB), which was extensively damaged by a fire earlier this year, will be transformed into a modern, fit-for-purpose residence. The residence will be open again in 2021.

Initially, it was hoped that the reconstruction would be completed in time for students to occupy the residence from January 2020. However, this will not be possible as the Stellenbosch Fire Department requires fire compartmentalisation and fire alarms for the whole residence as a pre-requisite for issuing a post-fire occupancy certificate. These requirements will take longer to implement than initially anticipated.

This repair and construction work began at the beginning of September 2019. The amount of around R62,5 million for the upgrade and repair work will ensure that Huis ten Bosch will not only comply with the most recent  municipal regulations, but also be equipped with a modern kitchenettes for students on every floor, upgraded electrical and electronic equipment, a new IT fibre route and its own water connection are some of the many improvements planned. The whole roof will be replaced by a fire-rated ceiling and roof. All the rooms will be fitted with two-hour rated doors which allow for fire zones to be compartmentalised

HtB residents were informed at a recent meeting that the major upgrade and construction of Huis ten Bosch is expected to be completed by 23 October 2020. Consequently, alternative housing arrangements had to be made for Huis ten Bosch students in 2020. Students and their parents/ guardians were informed in writing.

The University has made the following five accommodation spaces available for Huis ten Bosch students in 2020:

  • Huis ten Bosch 2020: This will be operated as a separate building with a separate entrance between Huis Marais and Dagbreek which can accommodate 73 students. Kitchenettes, some parking and SU internet services are available and meal bookings and washing will be as per normal residence circumstances.
  • Victoria 69: This premises is situated on Victoria Street, just below Irene residence and has three single and two double rooms available. Cleaning services, security, parking and Wi-Fi are available.  
  • Armentum: This premises, which is situated close to the Helshoogte Spar on 23 Cluver Road, Universiteitsoord, can accommodate 18 students. It is about 10–15 minutes' walk from campus. Unfortunately, there is no Maties Wi-Fi available, although each student will be provided with ten gigabytes of free data per month. The facility has general lounges and kitchenettes, cleaning services, laundry facilities and good security and parking.
  • Other SU residences: Thirty available places are spread over other SU residences: Sonop, Lydia, Monica, Minerva, Harmonie, Irene, Heemstede, Erica, Nemesia, Serruria, Nerina and Metanoia (women). Although the HtB residents will live in various spaces, they will remain part of the Huis ten Bosch community. A recreation hall in one of the other women's residences as well as a dining hall in their original cluster will be made available to the HtB community. If a student would like to relocate permanently to another residence, they need to inform the placement office in Admin A.

Please monitor the University's website, including our dedicated HtB web page, and our social media platforms for more news. We will communicate further details as these become available. Parents and guardians with urgent queries can contact Mr Grant Williams of our Centre for Student Communities: Tel +27 21 808 3064 or email him at