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Meet the Centre for Food Safety team!
Author: Dr M. van den Honert
Published: 07/10/2019

​Meet the Centre for Food Safety team!​

They recently received their new labcoats and are now ready for action!

From left to right:

Caitlin McQuillan (MSc), Michael Esterhuysen (MSc), Pumi Shange (PhD), Ivan Harris (MSc), Paula Smit (MSc), Anneri Carinus (PhD), Prof Gunnar Sigge (staff), Kyle Corbett (MSc), Dr Timo Tait (postdoc), Dr Michaela van den Honert (postdoc), Dr Stefan Hayward (external collaborator) and Prof Pieter Gouws (staff). 

Persons absent: Rochelle Keet (MSc) and Talita van Schalkwyk (MSc)

Find out more on the research they are currently undertaking by HERE. You can also find out more about the staff members at the Centre for Food Safety HERE. ​​