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SUNCEP virtual broadcasts to enhance teaching and learning
Author: Danelda van Graan
Published: 09/07/2019
One of the Learning Enhancement (LE) projects offered by SUNCEP is the LitNum Digihub which supports 6 primary schools in the rural/ farming region between Worcester and Ceres in the Breede Valley.  Good performing learners in grades 5, 6, & 7 have been chosen from each school to attend holiday consolidation classes during the school holiday at the end of each term. There the learners receive consolidation lessons in Afrikaans and Mathematics. The holiday programme can only accommodate 25 learners per grade. In an effort to extend the contact time with the learners in the programme, as well as to allow more than the chosen 75 to benefit from the programme, SUNCEP decided to look into having virtual lessons broadcasted on a weekly basis during term time.  The broadcasts go out to each of the LitNum Digihub schools.  

A partnership was formed with Rietenbosch Primary School, a central urban primary school in Stellenbosch. Grade 5 and grade 6 teachers from the school agreed for their lessons to be broadcast live each week. This allows for all the grade 5 & 6 learners from the six schools to participate in enhancement lessons. Feedback from these schools stated that since learners could observe their peers from an urban area doing the same work they do and working from the same books they do, it gave the LitNum Digihub learners more confidence.  Teachers also found that where learners were withdrawn and passive before, that they have become more engaged in their own lessons.

With the completion of the new, green, technologically advanced Botha's Halte School, SUNCEP will further support this educational hub to access the full potential from the virtual broadcasts.  The LitNum Digihub is a collaboration between SUNCEP, Rietenbosch Primary School and the Stofberg Trust.