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Maties to make an impact during Welcoming Week
Author: Division for Social Impact
Published: 28/01/2019

​More than 5 000 new Matie students will get an opportunity to take part in the annual Social Impact Community Morning at Stellenbosch University (SU) on Thursday, 31 January 2019. The students will visit several of the social impact projects in and around Stellenbosch and the Tygerberg area (where the Tygerberg campus is situated) and take part in an array of engaged activities.

The Social Impact Community Morning forms part of the Welcoming Programme and offers the opportunity for newcomers to interact with the partners within their proposed community initiatives. The Community Morning links well with the University’s 2040 vision of advancing knowledge in service of society and one of its key strategies of building purposeful partnerships and inclusive networks including within the surrounding communities of SU. 

The aim of the Community Morning is for newcomers to form meaningful connections with communities outside of SU in order to collaborate on joint volunteer project initiatives to be implemented throughout the year. The focus will also be placed on sharing innovative ideas and solutions in terms of the challenges identified by community partners.

Students are invited to form part of a structured volunteer programme managed by Matie Community Service, which is an NGO housed with the Division for Social Impact.

Besides support offered to various initiatives, students have documented the following competencies gained by participating in the programme:

  • Development of self-awareness and interpersonal skills
  • Understanding of the concepts and principles of community engagement
  • Understanding of leadership in context and engaging actively in community partnership formation.

This year, student societies will take part in the activities alongside the residences and private wards. Although some of the activities are once-off visits, others are opportunities in which students can become involved throughout the year.

Erica and Huis ten Bosch residences will, for example, be supporting The Ark Educare Centre, where newcomers will interact with learners through different activities.

The private student organisation (PSO) Olympus is partnering with Rise Against Hunger for our Community Morning, where they will pack 10 000 meals at the Simonsberg residence for their initiatives. They have also offered to donate another 10 000 meals to the Move for Food initiative – an initiative which focusses on creating sustainable food banks for students who need it at SU.

Even though the Tygerberg campus has already started with their academic programme, newcomer students are also involved in various social impact initiatives. Here, Osler, a PSO, is focusing their efforts on improving the environment within Tygerberg Hospital. The Huis Francie van Zijl residence acknowledges the importance of education and will be visiting a primary school. Activities include the creation of a campus vegetable garden and visits to the old-age home and MES Night Shelter.

  • Liaise with Michelle Pietersen (Stellenbosch campus) at tel. 021 808 3643 and Avril Whate (Tygerberg campus) at tel. 021 938 9310 for more information.



Stellenbosch campus Community Morning 2019
Residence/WardCommunity partnerActivity
AcademiaJessie Keet CrècheThe learners at the Jessie Keet Crèche will be treated to a fun activity and delicious treats. Academia students will introduce themselves to the children and hopefully this will be a meaningful start to their relationship for the year-long project.
Aristea PSO & Pieke Kayamandi Primary SchoolNewcomers and House Committee members will engage in sport and art activities with the children on the Coetzenberg fields. 
Aurora PSO & HelderbergOn campus Students will be placed into groups; each group will then go around campus collecting plastic bottles. The group that brings back the most bottles will receive a prize, and afterwards first-years will build bins from these plastic bottles. These bins will be used for recycling plastic during the year. Approximately 320 first-years are expected.
Capri PSOStrand beach Seniors and newcomers will have a beach clean-up day. After the clean-up, there will be a picnic and beach games related to a theme will be played. 
Erica & Huis ten BoschThe Ark Educare CentreHuis ten Bosch will be hosting children from The Ark Educare Centre. They will be playing sports and games and participate in educational activities. They will also decorate masks that are made from paper plates. 
Erica & DagbreekThe Ark City of RefugeNewcomers will be heading to The Ark where they will interact with the children and engage in various activities.
Eendrag & LydiaRietenbosch Primary School Newcomers will be introduced to Grade 1 learners with whom the project will be run throughout the year. The morning will start with everyone learning a dance together. The children will be divided into groups and will rotate through various activities.
Equite PSO & Huis Marais
Strand beachNewcomers will be given a bin bag and gloves to use to pick up litter from the beach. Community partners will also be given the opportunity to interact with one another.
Goldfields & Huis Visser

St Idas
Primary School

Stellenbosch Animal Shelter

Students will be asked to bring one book each, which will be donated to the primary school. Before the collection, there will be a short presentation on the main social impact project for 2019. Students will also be given the option of going to the Stellenbosch Animal Shelter to play with abandoned animals.
Harmonie & Oude Molen PSO

On campus


Students will interact with children from Weber Gedenk primary school by doing various activities with them.


Vision Afrika

Students will assist with feeding and walking the animals.

Vision Afrika:
Students will assist with schoolwork and classes where necessary. They will also engage in various activities with the children.

Helshoogte & Serruria

Stellenbosch Night Shelter

Youth Outreach Centre

Half of the students will stay behind to make sandwiches at the residence, while the other half will spend time with the youths at the Youth Outreach Centre.
Huis Neetling & VenustiaStellenbosch Night ShelterAn informative session will be hosted by a community partner on how to get involved at the Night Shelter. 
IreneStellenbosch Night ShelterA sandwich drive will be held at Irene. These sandwiches will be donated to the Night Shelter. Newcomers will be divided into groups to sell coupons for the Night Shelter in town and on campus.
Majuba & MinervaHanna FoundationA group of 60 children from the Hanna Foundation will be brought to the Jan Marais park. They will be split into groups of three, where they will rotate between stations with a different activity. After this, the children will be given snacks and be allowed to play freely with first-years and House Committee members.

9Miles project

Beacon Hill High School

Silverstream Secondary School

Legacy Centre

Hospice shop, Stellenbosch

Newcomers will be divided into three groups of approximately 70 students each. Activities are as follows:

At Metanoia:
Students will welcome high school learners from Cape Town as well as children from the 9Miles project. Here there will be a motivational talk followed by a fun day.

Legacy Centre:
The students will visit the Legacy Centre and do maintenance such as window cleaning, sweeping, etc.

Hospice shop, Stellenbosch:
Students will assist with sorting through donations.

Monica & WilgenhofStrand beachStudents will participate in a beach clean-up.
Nemesia & SimonsbergIkaya fun dayStudents will interact with the children in the community through various sports activities.

Maties PAW

Hanna Foundation

Serendipity Project

Students will rotate between these three activities on the day:

Maties PAW:
The chairperson will give a short speech about the organisation, after which students will be able to interact with puppies and kittens.

Hanna Foundation:
Students will interact with children at three different stations with various activities.

Serendipity Project:
Suzanne Loots will give a short speech about her project, whereafter students will make 'creative creations' (small cards with messages of love and inspiration).

Olympus PSORise Against HungerAt meal-packing events, stations are set up with various ingredients for the pack and volunteers will work together to make, seal and pack meals into boxes. 
Silene & Vesta Bricks for youth Four groups will be rotated to pick up litter, make eco-bricks, work at the recycling craft station and play outside.

Stellenbosch Night Shelter

Old-age home

Students will participate in a sandwich drive for the Night Shelter and visiting the old-age home in Stellenbosch. Students will also be making party packets with personalised messages for the staff's children to spread some positivity.



Tygerberg campus Community Morning 2019


Community partner



Kerkenberg & Osler PSO


Tygerberg Hospital outpatients

Students will participate in a sandwich drive and will take sandwiches to patients waiting in outpatient departments.


Francie van Zijl


Kalkfontein Primary School

A few activities will be facilitated that engage with Grade 6/7 learners. The aim is to encourage learners to remain active and have a healthy lifestyle.




Tygerberg paediatric wards

Students will go to paediatric wards at Tygerberg Hospital and read to children to encourage a love for reading.




MES Night Shelter

Students will assist in building green boxes/crates that will be used at the Night Shelter to grow vegetables.


MGD Committee


Sarepta Old-age Home

Students will interact with residents, play games and do pedicures. Another group of students and residents will do maintenance in the garden.


Sustainability Committee


Tygerberg campus

Students will be working on the green plan for the campus. They will clean vegetable patches and create more vegetable patches for students in need of food.