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Author: Dr. Leanne Seeliger
Published: 09/10/2018

One of the greatest challenges facing most townships is water management. Many residents were previously excluded from crucial decision-making processes during apartheid and continue to be so, despite the advent of democracy. This research aims to address this by firstly gauging ethical approaches to water management in townships and secondly, by making this information available to municipalities so that they can engage more effectively with communities themselves.  The research team is of the understanding that if both the municipality and the community interrogate the principles at hand in water management in a geographical area, then best practice, rather than minimal compliance could be achieved. Currently, due to a lack of trust and unmet expectations, many municipal initiatives are vandalised or even destroyed. The research process is designed to be iterative and to later become part of the municipality’s functioning process within the community. The research process is focused on building trust, restoring community and rebuilding civic responsibility through a shared understanding of ethics between the community and municipality