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Safety guidelines for the recess period
Author: Corporate Marketing/ Korporatiewe Bemarking
Published: 07/04/2017

Students are kindly requested to be extra vigilant during recess periods as there are much less people or activities on campus. Unfortunately, statistics have shown that many cases of theft from student residences are reported at Campus Security after the end of the holidays.

Please note the updated list of emergency numbers for the Stellenbosch campus below:

Tygerberg and Bellvillepark campuses: 021 938 9507

SAPS emergency number: 10111.

Valuable items and vehicles

Please take valuable items such as laptops, radios and cameras home, rather than leaving it behind in residences or students homes.

Vehicles left behind on campus during recess must be locked properly and valuable items should under no circumstances be stored inside vehicles.

If you remain on campus over the recess:

Doors of hostel rooms or student houses must be locked when leaving, even if it is for a short while.

Inside doors of student houses should be locked, especially at night.

Windows must be closed when leaving rooms. Windows with burglar bars should also be closed, especially on the ground floor.

Also ensure that windows are closed during night time to prevent criminals from identifying a window as a soft target.

Avoid leaving valuable items close to or in sight of windows, irrespective of it being open or closed.

Tips when you're moving around on campus

Always walk in a group rather than alone. Be aware of your direct surroundings and be on the look-out for suspicious behaviour or strange activities.

If you have to move about on your own, make use of Campus Security's pedestrian escort service: tel 0218084666 or via Whatsapp at 082 808 2333 for the Stellenbosch Campus and 021 938 9507 for the Tygerberg Campus)

When carrying a cellular phone on your person, keep it out of sight.

If you suspect you are being followed, change direction and walk to the nearest place where there are people. Contact Campus Security or SAPS at 10111 to report it.