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Gathering of Commonwealth foresters at Stellenbosch
Author: Cori Ham
Published: 15/08/2016

​Royal Forestry Society Education Manager, Ted Wilson, visited the Department of Forestry and Wood Science, at Stellenbosch, on 4 August 2016, during his summer vacation in South Africa. The primary purpose of the visit was to discuss forestry education in the UK and South Africa, and identify potential areas for future collaboration. As in the UK, forestry students at Stellenbosch are strongly encouraged to gain practical experience to support their formal academic studies and training. Several students in recent years have had successful placements and internships outside South Africa, and it is hoped that RFS can help promote opportunities with the UK and Europe as part of our Future Foresters programme. The visit established a basis for more strategic work in forestry education, and possible collaboration in the future.

In the photo from left to right: Cori Ham and Pierre Ackerman from the Department of Forestry and Wood Science, Ted Wilson (RFS Education Manager) and Reino Pulkki (Lakehead University, Canada).