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Application withdrawn as SU ensures continued alignment with 2015 language motion
Author: Korporatiewe Bemarking
Published: 12/02/2016

​Afriforum today (12 February 2016) withdrew its court application against Stellenbosch University. SU will continue to ensure that language implementation in faculties will be aligned with the approved Language Policy and Plan, as well as the language specifications in the 2016 yearbooks (calendars) in accordance with the Council decision of 30 November 2015.

The Management of Stellenbosch University already gave the assurance to the Chair of Council that the matter was receiving urgent attention early in February 2016. Stellenbosch University remains committed to multilingualism, non-exclusion on the basis of language, and promoting Afrikaans as an academic language.

At its scheduled meeting of 30 November last year Council accepted a motion committing to the Language Policy and Plan of 2014, and stated “unequivocally that language may never be an obstacle for any student who has no command of either Afrikaans or English wishing to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate study at SU”. Council expressed its support for the expansion of the English academic offering provided that this should not be to the detriment of the Afrikaans offering.

The University has initiated a revision of its Language Policy and Language Plan with the intention to table a new draft by the end of the first semester. This revision will follow due process as determined by the University’s governing provisions. The University Council has to approve the Language Policy and Language Plan with the concurrence of Senate. The University will ensure that it is a participatory process which affords stakeholders a reasonable opportunity to offer input.