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Stay safe, Maties!
Author: Corporate Marketing/ Korporatiewe Bemarking
Published: 27/01/2016

With the arrival of students for the new academic year, Stellenbosch University (SU) pleads with students to take joint responsibility for their safety and not become easy crime targets.

Top safety tips includes:

  • Be sure to save the SU emergency number, 021 808 2333 on your phone. The Whatsapp number is 082 808 2333. The emergency number for the Tygeberg campus is 021 938 9507.
  • Don't walk alone, especially after dark and always have a whistle or peperspray with you.
  • Be sure that a friend knows where you are, or with who you will be going out.
  • Keep your cellphone, tablet and other valuable items out of sight.
  • Choose the safest route, even if it is not the shortest and avoid secluded areas.

Eventhough SU already has various security measures in place please note that the different SU campuses and surrounding areas are still a target for criminals (like everywhere in South Africa). With thousands of new students, who are not that 'streetsmart', our campuses are also attracting criminal elements.

Because of Stellenbosch campus being an open town campus, we experience unique security challenges. In recent years the University already allocated more than R10 million to various pro-active security measures. This includes more than 300 street and access control cameras which forms part of the continually growing security camera network.

Also part of the crime prevention strategies is the inisiative to curb crime through the design of landscapes. Part hereof is the smart planning of walkways, recreational areas, entrances and parking areas which allows for maximum visibility from buildings.

Staff at SU campus security is hosting more than 20 safety talks during the welcoming period at residences, private wards and PSO clusters in order to make students more aware of their safety.