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Nominations for prestigious Jan H Marais Prize 2024 requested
Author: CCMD (Martin Viljoen)
Published: 17/05/2024

The Jan H Marais Prize recognises an outstanding contribution to Afrikaans as language of science through work and publications of high level and quality in Afrikaans. It can be awarded to an institution or individual. The Jan H Marais prize, 10 years old this year, is the biggest prize for achievement in Afrikaans with prize money of R750 000.

"Jan Henoch Marais (1860-1915) supported as lover of Afrikaans in life and in his testamentary legacy the expansion of Afrikaans as an academic and literary language. As a result of his financial support, Die Burger, Stellenbosch University and the Het Jan Marais Nationale Fonds were established," says Dr Linda Brink, Coordinator: Projects, of the Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns (the South African Academy for Science and Arts (the Akademie)). "Out of recognition for being serious about Afrikaans's higher functions and the emergence of the three entities, Stellenbosch University, Media24 and Het Jan Marais National Fund sponsor the Jan H Marais Prize."

Selection takes place under the curatorship of the Akademie with Dr Johan van Zyl as chairperson of the selection committee. The prize will be awarded in Stellenbosch on 11 September, during which the prize winner will also receive a sculpture by Coert Steynberg.

Previous prize winners include: Professors Hermann Giliomee, Jaap Steyn, Jan van der Watt, Marinus Wiechers, Christo van Rensburg, Fransjohan Pretorius, Jean Sonnekus, Ina Wolfaardt-Gräbe, Hennie van Coller, Rufus Gouws and Louise Viljoen.

"To select a similarly worthy 2024 winner, the Akademie awaits nominations. The awarding of the prize depends on informed members of the Afrikaans language community, among others members of the Akademie, to nominate potential winners," Brink explains.

The Akademie calls on SU staff to nominate a worthy winner.