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Prof Fataar's book unravels the narratives of black students within the institution
Author: Delecia Davids
Published: 11/12/2023

On November 22, 2023, Stellenbosch University became the stage for an enlightening discourse as the much-anticipated book, The Educational Pathways and Practices of Black Students at Stellenbosch University, was launched. Edited by Prof. Aslam Fataar, this compendium featured valuable insights from contributors such as Dr. Elzahn Rinquest, Dr. Jennifer Feldman, Dr. Jerome Joorst and Mrs. Delecia Davids, all hailing from the Faculty of Education.

At the heart of this book, is a commitment to unravel the narratives of black students within the institution. Contributors delved into crucial findings and issues, striving to construct a language that not only recognises but also centres students who are often marginalised on campus. Prof. Fataar aptly described the book as a chronicle of these students, who are "always thinking, adapting, intellectualizing, strategizing" as they navigate the intricate terrain of Stellenbosch University.

The chapters within this remarkable volume transcend the boundaries of academia, painting a nuanced and authentic portrayal of the students' lives. It stitches together a rich tapestry of stories, reflecting perseverance, resilience, and intellectual vigor as these students creatively manoeuvre through both the curricular and co-curricular landscape.

The book launch was not a mere presentation; it transformed into a dynamic discussion forum. Attendees actively engaged with the contributors, posing questions that unearthed deeper layers of understanding. Moreover, the event became a space for collective sharing, with attendees recounting their own stories, creating a powerful dialogue that resonated with the book's themes. In this way, the launch event mirrored the experiences within the book, with audience members and respondents finding reflections of themselves in its pages.

This transformative work, a mirror reflecting diverse narratives and experiences, stands as a testament to the power of qualitative research. It serves as a catalyst for change, challenging perspectives, and paving the way for a more transformed and inclusive educational landscape. In the spirit of critical reflection and constructive dialogue, The Educational Pathways and Practices of Black Students at Stellenbosch University lights the way towards a future where every student's journey is recognised, celebrated, and supported.