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Is ChatGPT and AI the end of assessment as we know it?
Author: Dr Jan Petrus Bosman
Published: 28/07/2023

Talks @ Stellenbosch University recently included an episode on the topic “Is ChatGPT and AI the end of assessment as we know it?”. In this podcast, Jan Petrus Bosman, Director of the Centre for Learning Technologies, talked to Hanlie Adendorff (Centre for Teaching and Learning) and Elzette le Roux about this very important question. He shares his insight and perspectives on the rise of generative artificial intelligence systems (like ChatGPT) and the implications of this new (but actually old) “kid on the block” for higher education and specifically assessment. The conversation takes interesting twists and turns as the story of the influence of technology on human practices like education unfolds. The audience is invited to think critically about the reality of now having machines that can enhance or thwart long-standing traditions and practices (like the typical university exam or essay) in higher education. Listen at your leisure and stay informed!​​