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Submission of Creative Outputs for subsidy purposes 2023

Researchers now have the opportunity to submit their creative outputs to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) for formal recognition and subsidy purposes.

The internal closing date for submissions of these outputs is Monday, 3 April 2023.

 Please complete the online form for each of your submissions:

 You have to provide the names and contact details of two peer reviewers in your submission.

 The open data repository Figshare ( is available as a platform to share a link to the output.


 We would like to emphasize a few important matters:

 Categories of outputs that qualify for subsidy and contact persons for each category in case of specific information pertaining to each category is required:

Contact persons for general enquiries:               

    • Whitney Prins                           (021 808 9971;
    • Felicia Mc Donald                    (021 808 2581;
    • Daléne Pieterse                        (021 808 3557;
    • Maryke Hunter-Hüsselmann (021 808 4623;

Contact person for help with the online form:

    • Jennifer De Beer                       (021 808 9444;

 Output years that qualify for subsidy this round:

n-3 i.e., for this round, outputs that had been published/performed in the period 2020-2022.


NB: Please note that incomplete submissions will not be considered and cannot be processed further for subsidy purposes.

Please note: The DHET has communicated to us that tentative timeframes for release of the institutional report will be communicated at the beginning of March for the 2020 submissions.  And the Sector report for the 2021 submission is awaiting sign off from the Deputy General's office.  

We would like to encourage the research community to please submit their work for this round. Feedback will be shared with everyone who submitted outputs last year as soon as it is available.