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These service providers now external creditors

​The planned implementation of Oracle Cloud Financials (OCF) as the new financial system, has allowed Stellenbosch University (SU) to correct internal processes in its current legacy system Tera Term. Although these processes have been established over time, they will no longer be supported within OCF once SUNFin goes live.  This communication focuses on the treatment of external legal entities that are registered in Tera Term as internal service providers.  

Stias, African SUN Media and Stellenbosch Centre for Photographic Services are registered as separate external legal entities to SU. They will no longer be treated as SU internal service providers for the procurement of goods and services. All three of these external legal entities have now been set up in Tera Term as external creditors to SU with their own creditor codes as follows:​

Creditor NameCreditor Code
African Sun Media16542
Stellenbosch Centre for Photographic Services62600


With effect from 1 August 2021, you will have to procure goods and services from these three external legal entities by submitting a purchasing requisition (program EAS500P in Tera Term) using the relevant creditor code and paying for the goods and services as per the invoice submitted by these entities. You will have to perform a standard goods receipt (program EAS900P) to enable the Creditors division to make payment to these external legal entities upon receipt of the physical invoice. 

You will no longer be able to procure goods and services from these three external legal entities via the Interdepartmental Requisition process (EAS505P) as the internal OU service codes for them will be removed from the selection list. To ensure the finalisation of all the unprocessed requisitions before the effective date, the last day for entering interdepartmental requisitions will be 15 July 2021, after which the new process should be followed.

Please contact the Purchasing and Provision Services at if you have any further questions or require further support.

Please share this communication with the relevant staff members within your faculty/ division. 

Manie Lombard

Chief Director: Finance