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Windows and Office licenses expiring soon

​​If you haven't been on campus during lock-down or connected to the campus network by VPN (Virtual Private Network), you might see messages popping up on your screen warning that your Windows and/or Office licenses are about to expire (see examples below).

The reason for these warnings are that your Windows and Office software have to be reactivated. When you are on campus this happens automatically - the activation is done from the university network without you even knowing. If you're not on campus, this won't happen. Don't panic, there's an easy fix.






 How can I activate my Windows and Office software again?

  1. Install Secure VPN or log a request on our portal and a technician will contact and assist you.
  2.  Make sure your laptop or PC password is the same as the password you use for the VPN. Instructions on how to do this. 
  3. Open VPN, connect to the university network. Keep your PC or laptop running and connected to VPN for at least two hours in order for Windows and Office to update. 

Where can I see if my Windows has been reactivated? 

Where can I see if my Office has been reactivated?