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Guest Lecturer: Saving the Time of the User: Academic Library Implications of Industry Initiatives and Trends
Start: 10/05/2024, 09:30
End: 10/05/2024, 10:30
Contact:Stellenbosch University Library Auditorium - 0218089447
Location: Stellenbosch University Library Auditorium

​​​​​Join Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service for an enlightening talk with Guest Lecturer Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Professor and Coordinator for Research Professional Development at the University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Abstract: Removing stumbling blocks for users accessing content and services continues to be a significant challenge across the information landscape.  Friction points include discovery, access, and authentication/authorization workflows.  Open access publishing promises to assist but is not the full solution.  Recent industry initiatives have attempted to smooth pathways and improve researcher experience.  This keynote will share industry efforts, including but not limited to Get Full Text Research (GetFTR), Seamless Access, and the Article Sharing Framework, identify how these efforts are shaping the information access landscape, and catalyze a conversation to explore how libraries and higher education institutions might better serve our users by leveraging these industry efforts.

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