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Marketplace Violence: Before and within AI - A Lecture by Dr Penelope Muzanenhamo
Start: 10/04/2024, 12:30
End: 10/04/2024, 14:00
Contact:Ceasar - 0218084032
Location: AVReQ Seminaar Room

The Centre for the Study of the Afterlife of Violence and the Reparative Quest (AVReQ) is set to host a stimulating lecture titled "Marketplace Violence: Before and within AI," presented by distinguished visiting scholar Dr Penelope Muzanenhamo. This in-person event promises to delve into critical issues surrounding normalized marketplace violence and its impact on vulnerable communities globally.

In her upcoming lecture, Dr Muzanenhamo will address pressing questions that resonate across diverse societies. Why do black and brown scholars struggle for legitimacy as knowers? Why do millions of black and brown Africans face food insecurity despite living in resource-rich continents? And why does AI perpetuate biases, recommending discriminatory actions against speakers of African American English? These inquiries underscore the pervasive nature of marketplace violence, defined by Dr Muzanenhamo as actions and narratives that perpetuate inequalities through manipulative interference with organizations and individuals.

The lecture will draw upon three compelling case studies: the plight of vulnerable black 'workers' in Zimbabwe, challenges faced by black scholars within Western-centric scientific systems, and the manifestation of covert racism in AI technology. By illuminating how marketplace violence becomes normalized, Dr Muzanenhamo aims to spark introspection within the community of scholars, practitioners, and citizens. She will explore coping mechanisms' potential to normalize marketplace violence and advocate for intellectual activism as a catalyst for positive change.

Dr Penelope Muzanenhamo, an Assistant Professor in Marketing and Society at University College Dublin Business School, brings a wealth of expertise and research acumen to this lecture. Her distinguished career includes groundbreaking research published in prestigious journals such as Human Relations, Business Ethics, and Work, Employment, and Society. Dr Muzanenhamo's accolades include winning the Human Relations Paper of the Year 2023 for her work on epistemic injustice and advancing black scholarship, alongside receiving numerous best paper awards and research grants.

This event not only offers a platform for insightful discourse but also invites attendees to engage actively in shaping a more equitable future. Dr Penelope Muzanenhamo's expertise, coupled with her international standing as a Co-Chair at the Academy of Management-Critical Management Studies Division and Media and Artefacts Review Editor for Organization journal, ensures a stimulating and impactful discussion.

To be part of this enlightening experience, register for the lecture using the provided link. Don't miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights into marketplace violence and contribute to meaningful dialogue on creating a fairer society.

Date    Wednesday, 10 April 2024

Time    12:30 PM - 13:45 PM (SAST)

In-person Event Only

Venue AVReQ Seminar Room

Ryneveld Street

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