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Wilgenhof: Exploring the Transgenerational Legacies and the Reparative Quest - A Transgenerational Dialogue
Start: 28/02/2024, 12:30
End: 28/02/2024, 15:15
Contact:Ceasar - 0218084032
Location: AVReQ Boardroom, GG Cillié Education Building

In an endeavour to cultivate critical dialogue and reflection on a recent incident that unfolded at the Wilgenhof residence, the Centre for the Study of the Afterlife of Violence and the Reparative Quest (AVReQ) extends an invitation to the Stellenbosch University community and the public to its first public dialogue of the year. Entitled "Wilgenhof: Exploring the Transgenerational Legacies and the Reparative Quest - A Transgenerational Dialogue," this event promises a thoughtful exploration of the issues at hand.

This conversation, organised in two sessions, centres around the open letters recently published by former Wilgenhoffers, Dr Wilhelm Verwoerd and Dr Louis van der Riet. These letters serve as a focal point for AVReQ to delve into the incident, internally and within the broader Stellenbosch University community. The dialogue aims to facilitate a collective exploration of the transgenerational legacies and the ongoing reparative quest in the aftermath of the Wilgenhof incident.


Louis Van Der Riet: A theologian, facilitator, and researcher, Louis van der Riet brings a unique perspective to the dialogue. As the Process Coordinator at Inclusive and Affirming Ministries (IAM), he works towards the recognition and celebration of LGBTIQ+ people on the African continent. Holding a PhD in Systematic Theology from Stellenbosch University and Vrije University Amsterdam, his recent publication, "Avowing Truth, Embodying Justice: A Theological Analysis of Truth-Telling and Transitional Justice in South Africa," adds depth to the conversation.

Wilhelm Verwoerd: Dr Wilhelm Verwoerd, a senior researcher and facilitator at AVReQ, brings his extensive experience from working within the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (1995-98) and as a peace practitioner in (Northern) Ireland (2001-2012). Devoted to (re)humanisation in contexts of violent political division, his research focuses on the shared historical responsibility of white South Africans for apartheid and colonialism, as well as the dynamics of deep racial repair.

The letters may be read here:

Wilhelm's Letter

Louis's Letter


Date and Venue: Date: Wednesday, 28th February 2024 Venue: AVReQ Boardroom, GG Cillié Education Building



Session 1: In conversation with Prof Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela and Ijeoma Opara Time: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM (SAST)

Session 2: In conversation with Dr Anell Stacey Daries and Rabia Abba Omar Time: 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM (SAST)

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We encourage all those interested in engaging with these vital issues to participate in this transgenerational dialogue. The open and constructive conversations between Drs Verwoerd and van der Riet, along with our respondents, promise to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing discourse surrounding the Wilgenhof incident and its broader implications.