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Inclusive teaching and learning in multicultural and international classrooms
Start: 22/01/2024, 08:00
End: 26/01/2024, 17:00
Contact:Anika Berning-Van Zyl -
Location: Stellenbosch University


The University of Groningen (the Netherlands) and Stellenbosch University (South Africa) are collaborating on a winter and summer school on the theme of inclusive teaching through peer learning and sharing teaching practices. The first summer school will take place in January at Stellenbosch, South Africa, and we are striving for a diverse group of participants from across the world.  Following our premises, the aim of this winter school is to EQUIP ourselves and each other for inclusive teaching and learning in multicultural and  international classrooms. Special focus will be brought to an inclusive and international dimension in the practices of participants, the diversity in backgrounds of our students as a potential resource for teaching and intended learning, and principles that help us to unravel challenges and turn them into opportunities.

This summer school is based on the EQUiiP programme (see also below for more details) and will be open for lecturers who are interested in Continuing Professional Development, resulting in improving their course design(s) towards more inclusive teaching practices, as well as strengthening their network of inclusive practitioners.

Next to obtaining a certificate for participation, participants have the possibility to  gain a digital badge to acknowledge participation and engagement with the content. A (digital) badge is a way of showing achievement in a small unit of learning, assessed through a reflection portfolio which will be given time for during the sessions.

For more detailed information as well as the registration process, please visit the ​​Uinversity of Groningen page.

Registrations are open until 15 November 2023 and Stellenbosch University staff will be able to attend this summer school completely free of charge! Therefore, please ignore the registration fee information as this is not applicable to Stellenbosch University staff.

Stellenbosch University contact person:  Anika Berning-Van Zyl (