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Achieving academic success in the face of digital distractions
Start: 03/11/2022, 18:00
End: 03/11/2022, 18:30
Contact:Student Recruitment | Studentewerwing - 0218084709

​​Digital technologies such as smartphones and social media permeate almost every aspect of students' lives. Alongside the many ways in which these technologies support our social and academic lives, they can also distract us and hamper academic success. As students develop into self-sufficient adults, they need to learn how to take responsibility for their own learning and manage the distractions that digital media can pose. This webinar will focus on the ways in which students can self-regulate their behaviour and achieve academic success in the face of digital distractions. 

Presenter:       Angelique Dreyer
Expert:             Dr Douglas Parry (lecturer in Information Science)​

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