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Prospective Students: Webinar Series
Start: 25/10/2022, 18:00
End: 03/11/2022, 18:30
Contact:Student Recruitment | Studentewerwing - 0218084709
Location: Online | Aanlyn

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This webinar series focuses on the following two themes:
1. Tips and pointers
2. Preparing for the future, with an emphasis on future careers and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Tips and pointers, 25–27 October 2022

25 October: Setting yourself up for success: How to take control of the present and make the most of your studies 
Practical tips on grit, time management, study skills, stress management, and making an easier transition from high school to university.
26 October: Coping with Maths anxiety: Practical tips for students and parents 
Get practical tips on how to deal with your Mathematics anxiety and show your parents how to give you the support you need.
27 October: 'I have a child at university': What does this new role entail?
Practical tips to prepare yourself for your new role as a varsity parent, what changes to expect, and how you can help set your future Matie up for success.

Preparing for the future, 1–3 November 2022
1 November: Being 'tomorrow-ready': Preparing yourself for careers that do not yet exist
Practical tips to guide grade 9 and 11 learners on their journey of career exploration. Learn how to keep an open mind and prepare for future success.
2 November: Careers of the future: What jobs will be in demand in 2030 and beyond?
Many of the jobs that today's students will be doing in 2030 are yet to be invented. The question is: What will those jobs be? And will other jobs have to yield to technology?
3 November: Achieving academic success in the face of digital distractions
Digital technologies such as smartphones and social media permeate almost every aspect of students' lives. Alongside the many ways in which these technologies support our social and academic lives, they can also distract us and hamper academic success. As students develop into self-sufficient adults, they need to learn how to take responsibility for their own learning and manage the distractions that digital media can pose. This webinar will focus on the ways in which students can self-regulate their behaviour and achieve academic success in the face of digital distractions.​

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