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Military Academy Postgraduate Seminar 2022
Start: 16/11/2022, 10:00
End: 17/11/2022, 10:00
Contact:Lt (SAN) Lukhanyo L. Matiwane - +27(0) 22 702 3152
Location: Military Academy

It is that time of the year, where Military Academy Postgraduate Students (MAPS) get the opportunity to present and showcase their academic/research outputs to the Faculty of Military Sciences, fellow postgraduates, undergraduates, as well as academic spectators. The MAPS Seminar which first took place in 2018 and revived again in 2021 post the Covid-19 pandemic, is an initiative taken by the residential postgraduate students of the Faculty of Military Science with the support of the Commandant Military Academy, the Dean, the research committee and faculty staff to help provide a platform that will enable a postgraduate student to develop, hone, refine and broaden their academic presentation skills.

The driving force for this initiative by MAPS is the drive to constantly generate, improve and share academic knowledge with the academic world while also playing a big role in empowering postgraduate students with the tools and the art of being able to confidently present in prestigious academic events in the future. The MAPS Seminar is a well-balanced educational platform that covers a wide range of academic disciplines and is expected to grow in the future, with the hope of eventually producing a publication where the outputs of the postgraduates will be published.

As it is known that the South African Military Academy is a one-of-a-kind military university that strives as a leader in military-contextualized higher education with a mission of offering world-class military higher education for the defense and security environment, through socially impactful teaching and learning, innovative research, and professional military development. This platform also helps develop and grow the self-confidence of our military officers who serve our nation and are expected to be able to lead by example and command with confidence.

While credit and appreciation should be given to MAPS for conceptualizing and bringing life to this great initiative, a special thanks and gratitude should be given to the MAPS Seminar 2022 organizing committee: Major Matjane, Captain Solomons, Lieutenant (SA Navy) Matiwane, Lieutenant Matloga and Sub Lieutenant Tshivhi, who have made strides and broken boundaries in ensuring that the MAPS Seminar 2022 is growing and improving. This event would not be a realization with their effortless and selfless input and contributions.

Hope you enjoy this year’s proceedings.

Gladium Practamus greetings​

Day 1: 16 November 2022 at 09H00-15H00
Day 2: 17 November 2022 at 09H00-15H00

Location: Military Academy, Temong Hall
Contact: Lt (SAN) Lukhanyo L. Matiwane - +27(0) 22 702 3152 (