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Department of Military History’s boutique, annual September 5-6 Seminar.
Start: 05/09/2022, 08:00
End: 06/09/2022, 17:00
Contact:Prof Ian van dewr Waag - +27 22 702 3102
Location: Military Academy (South Africa) and online via MS Teams (Please see links below)

​​​​​​​​​​​Our theme is Intelligence History in South Africa: Current Approaches, Trends, Issues. Intelligence History, and the wider field of Intelligence Studies, has grown exponentially in recent years. In many countries, a flood of literature followed the systematic opening of official archives, while several, specialist, Intelligence History journals have made their appearance since 1986. In South Africa, where the literature has remained small, there have been two primary research foci: on the Second World War, the militancy of the Ossewabrandwag and the counterintelligence activities of the Smuts government; and the troubled course of South African intelligence operations during the 1980s and 1990s centred on the internal and external operations of the Apartheid-era agencies, on the transition in the intelligence services between the De Klerk and Mandela presidencies, and on the dismantling of the Apartheid-era structures. There are much older, possibly larger processes that might be examined in deepening our understanding of this aspect of South Africa’s contested past.


This seminar will bring together experts working in the broad field of intelligence history to establish such a dialogue. The organising committee solicited proposals for papers on all aspects of South Africa’s intelligence history. Topics may include but are not limited to the creation of intelligence structures, the development of intelligence practice, the roles played by specific individuals, the conduct of intelligence operations, the presence or absence of legislative and legal frameworks, and the impacts of conflicts and technology, and in all historical periods and contexts.


The seminar will take a hybrid form: presented both in person and online. If possible, and subject to the customary academic review, the proceedings will be published either as an edited volume or as a special issue of a specialist journal. More details on this will follow.


This is the final call. Should you still wish to offer a paper, kindly send a title, abstract, and short academic cv to Prof Ian van der Waag and copy Dr Fankie Monama and Dr Tony  Garcia – and do so by midday on Friday, 12 August 2022.

Day 1 (Monday, 5 September) - Click here to join the meeting ​

Day 2 (Tuesday, 6 September) - Click here to join the meeting