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Mandela Day lecture - Centring Agency: Womxn transcending victimhood
Start: 22/07/2022, 12:30
End: 22/07/2022, 14:30
Contact:Shanté Neff -
Location: Facutly of Theology, Attie van Wijk Auditorium, Stellenbosch University

From 12:30 – 14:30 the Faculty of Theology has made available the Attie van Wijk Auditorium for the hosting of the Mandela Day lecture titled: Centring Agency: Womxn transcending victimhood hosted by the Transformation Office, the Student Representative Council, Matie Community Service (MGD) housed within the Division for Social Impact will be delivered by Author of “Becoming Him – A Trans Memoir of Triumph" LandaMabenge. A unique tale of torture and triumph bravely exposes cultural shame and abuse against those who choose the path less travelled.  ​

RSVP by 19 July 2022 to avoid disappointment (limited space available): Inquiries: Ms. Shanté Neff –