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Auxin: Gamification
Start: 17/09/2019, 12:45
End: 17/09/2019, 13:45
Contact:Gerda Dullaart ​ - +27 21 808 9617
Location: Den Bosch, 41 Victoria Street, Stellenbosch



17 September – Dr Samantha Adams presents CTL Auxin session 

The Centre for Teaching and Learning invites you to a lunch-hour Auxin session where Dr Samantha Adams, a senior lecturer in the Department of Industrial Psychology, will share research and experience on “Fun and Gamification in Higher Education". She will make recommendations on how gamification tools can be applied to enhance students' engagement in their own learning.

About the Presentation:

With the numerous challenges facing higher education, concerted efforts are required to support student success and enhance the quality of teaching and learning. A significant predictor of student success is student engagement that is underpinned by the provision of educationally purposive activities. Strategies for facilitating student engagement are well documented and with the increased use of technology, these strategies have also been extended to online environments yielding new avenues for creative and innovative approaches that support purposive educational practices. A recent addition to game-inspired interventions in education is educational gamification, which offers tools to design learning environments that stimulate motivation and foster engagement.

The presentation will outline the theoretical and practical considerations that inform effective gamification in higher education teaching and learning. These considerations are based on current literature and the presenters own study of gamification and student engagement as part of her PhD. The presentation will thus include key insights into the features required to design gamified learning environments that facilitate student engagement and practical examples to demonstrate the complex and dynamic interaction between game elements, engagement and student experiences. Lastly, recommendations for a student-focused application of gamification will be offered to guide the enhancement of the educational use of the tools gamification provides.

About the Presenter:

Dr Adams is a senior lecturer in the Department of Industrial Psychology in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. She is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research-related activities amongst industrial psychology/human resource management students as well as the training of psychometrists and industrial psychology interns. Her research interests include e-learning, gamification in education and training environments and student and learner engagement, amongst others.