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Homecoming Discourse series
Start: 06/03/2018, 10:30
End: 09/03/2018, 12:00
Contact:Marvin Koopman - 021 808 9265
Location: Bloekomhoek

​​​Join the FVZS Institute in partnership with Woordfees and the Alumni Office and engage in critical discussions ranging from South Africa's changing political landscape to euthanasia. Entrance is free.

6 March 
30 years after the stormy 80s: déjà vu
Time: 10:30
Venue: Bloekomhoek
 Our political and economic crisis is similar to that experienced by South Africa in the last half of the 80s. A race war was feared. What are the 10 simple but brave steps that we should take now to bring about a reversal of the crisis? What is the role of institutions and other parties outside the party political arena? And what about ordinary people like you and me?
 With: Francois Groepe (Deputy President: SA Reserve Bank), Judith February and Max du Preez (political commentators)

7 March 
Euthanasia and your right to decide
Time: 10: 30
Venue: Bloekomhoek
 That death is everyone’s companion is certain. But more and more voices are being heard from people who do not simply want to wait for the end but actively want to go and meet it. Come and listen to the ethical aspects of euthanasia, as seen by various faith groups and experts.
 With: Drs Heinz Mödler and Chris Jones (SU Theology) and Prof Anton van Niekerk (SU Philosophy)

 8 March 
Quo Vadis for white South Africans?
Time: 10:30
Venue: Bloekomhoek
 “The whites are running out!” screamed a newspaper headline in 2017. But what are the latest demographic trends in the country? What is life going to be like for the country’s whites, a dwindling minority that once was influential but now doesn’t really matter? And what is going to happen to the Afrikaans language and culture if there are no longer people who populate the Afrikaans spaces?
 With: Prof Flip Smit (demographicist and former rector of UP), Flip Buys (Solidarity) and Dr Leslie van Rooi (SU)

9 March 
Is that a time bomb ticking?
Time: 10:30
Venue: Bloekomhoek
 Is the world again, as before World War II, becoming an unsafe place? Experts believe that the chances of an international war are growing. What spark could set off the powder keg? And how should South Africa position itself in this arena?
 With: Gert Grobler (former ambassador) and Leon Schreiber (political scientist)