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Streaming & Podcasting

PodcastingThe pervasiveness of the Internet and the availability of new technologies make the streaming of interactive lectures/conferences/tutorials a very attractive option. Streaming can be arranged on location or from inside the Centre for Learning Technologies (e.g. in the Telematic broadcast studio or in a specially adapted streaming studio).

The Learning Technologies team arranges all the audiovisual and computer equipment (like HD cameras, high quality microphones and specialised software), and the learning or conference event is streamed live on the internet, while at the same time being recorded for editing and publication after the event.

Related to streaming is podcasting or lecture capturing. The Learning Technologies team can be contacted to assist in the process of digitally recording a lecture or a podcast.

Please direct your enquiries to:

Hennie Roux (Streaming)
Tel.: +27 21 808 2494
Send an e-mail to: hennieroux@sun.ac.za


Thys Murray (Podcasting)
Tel.: +27 21 808 9194
Send an e-mail to: