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Journal Articles (subsidised)

DU TOIT T, SWART AC. Perspective on the regulatory role of UGT2B28 as a conjugating enzyme in the progression of prostate cancer. Translational Cancer Research 2016; 5(Suppl 7):S1496-S1502.

GEHRKE B, KANDZIORA M, PIRIE MD. The evolution of dwarf shrubs in alpine environments: a case study of Alchemilla in Africa. ANNALS OF BOTANY 2016; 117:121-131.

HUGHES SJ, BARNARD L, MOTTAGHI K, TEMPEL W, ANTOSHCHENKO T, HONG BS, ALLALI-HASSANI A, SMIL D, VEDADI M, STRAUSS E, PARK H-W. Discovery of potent pantothenamide inhibitors of Staphylococcus aureus pantothenate kinase through a minimal SAR Study: Inhibition is due to trapping of the product. ACS Infectious Diseases 2016; 2:627-641.


LAUTERBACH M, VAN DER MERWE PDW, KEßLER L, PIRIE MD, BELLSTEDT DU, KADEREIT G. Evolution of leaf anatomy in arid environments â€" A case study in southern African Tetraena and Roepera (Zygophyllaceae). MOLECULAR PHYLOGENETICS AND EVOLUTION 2016; 97:129-144.

LOUW-DU TOIT R, PERKINS MS, SNOEP JL, STORBECK K, AFRICANDER DJ. Fourth-generation progestins inhibit 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 and modulate the biosynthesis of endogenous steroids. PLoS One 2016; 11(10):e0164170, 23 pages.

MAGCWEBEBA TU, RIEDEL S, SWANEVELDER S, SWART P, DE BEER D, JOUBERT E, GELDERBLOM WCA. The potential role of polyphenols in the modulation of skin cell viability by Aspalathus linearis and Cyclopia spp. herbal tea extracts in vitro. JOURNAL OF PHARMACY AND PHARMACOLOGY 2016; 68:1440-1453.

MAGCWEBEBA TU, SWART P, SWANEVELDER S, JOUBERT E, GELDERBLOM WCA. Anti-inflammatory effects of Aspalathus linearis and Cyclopia spp. extracts in a UVB/keratinocyte (HaCaT) model utilising interleukin-1α accumulation as biomarker. MOLECULES 2016; 21:1323, 21 pages.

MAGCWEBEBA TU, SWART P, SWANEVELDER S, JOUBERT E, GELDERBLOM WCA. In vitro chemopreventive properties of green tea, rooibos and honeybush extracts in skin cells. MOLECULES 2016; 21:1622, 18 pages.

MULDER N, CHRISTOFFELS A, DE OLIVEIRA T, GAMIELDIEN J, HAZELHURST S, JOUBERT F, KUMUTHINI J, PILLAY CS, SNOEP JL, BISHOP OT, TIFFIN N. The development of computational biology in South Africa: Successes achieved and lessons learnt. PLoS Computational Biology 2016; 12(2):e1004395, 15 pages.

NAGY B, COTTERILL FPD, BELLSTEDT DU. Nothobranchius sainthousei, a new species of annual killifish from the Luapula River drainage in northern Zambia (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes). ICHTHYOLOGICAL EXPLORATION OF FRESHWATERS 2016; 27(3):233-254.

PILLAY CS, EAGLING BD, DRISCOLL SRE, ROHWER JM. Quantitative measures for redox signaling. FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 2016; 96:290-303.

PIRIE MD, OLIVER EGH, MUGRABI DE KUPPLER AL, GEHRKE B, LE MAITRE NC, KANDZIORA M, BELLSTEDT DU. The biodiversity hotspot as evolutionary hot-bed: spectacular radiation of Erica in the Cape Floristic Region. BMC EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY 2016; 16:190, 11 pages.

PRETORIUS E, AFRICANDER DJ, VLOK NM, PERKINS MS, QUANSON J, STORBECK K. 11-Ketotestosterone and 11-ketodihydrotestosterone in castration resistant prostate cancer: Potent androgens which can no longer be ignored. PLoS One 2016; 11(7):e0159867, 17 pages.

QUANSON J, STANDER MA, PRETORIUS E, JENKINSON C, TAYLOR AE, STORBECK K. High-throughput analysis of 19 endogenous androgenic steroids by ultra-performance convergence chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY B-ANALYTICAL TECHNOLOGIES IN THE BIOMEDICAL AND LIFE SCIENCES 2016; 1031:131-138.

RAUTENBACH M, TROSKIE AM, VOSLOO JA, DATHE M. Antifungal membranolytic activity of the tyrocidines against filamentous plant fungi. BIOCHIMIE 2016; 130:122-131.

RAUTENBACH M, TROSKIE AM, VOSLOO JA. Antifungal peptides: To be or not to be membrane active. BIOCHIMIE 2016; 130:132-145.

RIEDEL S, ABEL S, BURGER H-M, VAN DER WESTHUIZEN L, SWANEVELDER S, GELDERBLOM WCA. Differential modulation of the lipid metabolism as a model for cellular resistance to fumonisin B1â€" induced cytotoxic effects in vitro. PROSTAGLANDINS LEUKOTRIENES AND ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS 2016; 109:39-51.

SIBON OCM, STRAUSS E. Coenzyme A: to make it or uptake it?. NATURE REVIEWS MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 2016; 17:605-606.

SMITH C, SWART AC. Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) facilitates an anti-inflammatory state, modulating IL-6 and IL-10 while not inhibiting the acute glucocorticoid response to a mild novel stressor in vivo. Journal of Functional Foods 2016; 27:42-54.

SWART AC, SMITH C. Modulation of glucocorticoid, mineralocorticoid and androgen production in H295 cells by Trimesemine TM, a mesembrine-rich Sceletium extract. JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY 2016; 177:35-45.

THOMPSON GD, RICHARDSON DM, WILSON JR, BELLSTEDT DU, LE ROUX JJ. Genetic diversity and structure of the globally invasive tree, Paraserianthes lophantha subspecies lophantha, suggest an introduction history characterised by varying propagule pressure. Tree Genetics and Genomes 2016; 12(2):Article number 27, 9 pages.

VAN NIEKERK DD, PENKLER GP, DU TOIT F, SNOEP JL. Targeting glycolysis in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. FEBS Journal 2016; 283:634-646.

VISSER JAK, ZIERAU O, MACEJOVÁ D, GOERL F, MUDERS M, BARETTON GB, VOLLMER G, LOUW A. The phytoestrogenic Cyclopia extract, SM6Met, increases median tumor free survival and reduces tumor mass and volume in chemically induced rat mammary gland carcinogenesis. JOURNAL OF STEROID BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2016; 163:129-135.

WOLF J, STARK H, FAFENROT K, ALBERSMEIER A, PHAM TK, MÜLLER KB, MEYER BH, HOFFMANN L, SHEN L, ALBAUM SP, KOURIL T, SCHMIDT-HOHAGEN K, NEUMANN-SCHAAL M, BRÄSEN C, KALINOWSKI J, WRIGHT PC, ALBERS S-V, SCHOMBURG D, SIEBERS B. A systems biology approach reveals major metabolic changes in the thermoacidophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus in response to the carbon source L-fucose versus D-glucose. MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY 2016; 102(5):882-908.

Journal Articles (non-subsidised)

ROHWER JM, VILJOEN C, CHRISTENSEN C, MASHAMAITE LN, PILLAY CS. Identifying the conditions necessary for the thioredoxin ultrasensitive response. Perspectives in Science 2016; 9:53-59.

Chapters in Books

VAN NIEKERK DD, PENKLER GP, DU TOIT F, SNOEP JL, BAKKER BM, HAANSTRA J. Attacking Blood-Borne Parasites with Mathematics. In: Müller S, Cerdan R, Radulescu O (eds.) Comprehensive Analysis of Parasite Biology. From Metabolism to Drug Discovery, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, Germany, 2016: 513-541.


LOOS B, DU TOIT A, HOFMEYR JS. Method of determining autophagosome flux. Patent No. P3086ZA00, South Africa 2016.

Doctoral completed

CHRISTENSEN C. Development of an Integrated Metabolic Analysis Toolbox. PhD, 2016. 190 pp. Promotor: ROHWER JM. Medepromotor: HOFMEYR JS.

DE BEER DM. A high rate biofilm contact reactor for winery wastewater treatment. PhD, 2016. 186 pp. Promotor: CLOETE TE. Medepromotor: SWART P.

GOOSEN R. A comparative analysis of CoA biosynthesis in selected organisms: a metabolite study. PhD, 2016. 174 pp. Promotor: STRAUSS E. Medepromotor: SNOEP JL.

LOOTS R. Biofilms as multifunctional surface coatings and adaptive systems: a biomimetic approach. PhD, 2016. 210 pp. Promotor: CLOETE TE. Medepromotor: SWART P.

VOSLOO JA. Optimised bacterial production and characterisation of natural antimicrobial peptides with potential application in agriculture . PhD, 2016. 239 pp. Promotor: RAUTENBACH M. Medepromotor: SNOEP JL.

Masters completed

ANDERSON C. A molecular phylogenetic study of the South American fish genus Pterophyllum. MSc, 2016. 182 pp. Studieleier: BELLSTEDT DU.

COETZEE M. Feedforward activation in metabolic systems. MSc, 2016. 129 pp. Studieleier: HOFMEYR JS. Medestudieleier: ROHWER JM.

DE WET B. Evaluation of DNA vaccines developed against Mycoplasma struthionis sp. nov. str. Ms01 in ostriches. MSc, 2016. 137 pp. Studieleier: BOTES A. Medestudieleier: BELLSTEDT DU.

DU TOIT A. Measuring and Modelling Autophagic Flux. MSc, 2016. 176 pp. Studieleier: LOOS B. Medestudieleier: HOFMEYR JS.

GWASHU A. Protective properties of rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) flavonoids on the prevention of skin cancer. MSc, 2016. 165 pp. Studieleier: GELDERBLOM WCA. Medestudieleier: LOUW A.

LAUBSCHER WE. Production, characterisation and activity of selected and novel antibiotic peptides from soil bacteria . MSc, 2016. 178 pp. Studieleier: RAUTENBACH M.

LOUW C. Comparison of progress curve analysis versus initial rate kinetics for the estimation of enzyme kinetic parameters. MSc, 2016. 152 pp. Studieleier: SNOEP JL. Medestudieleier: EICHER JJ.

NDLOVU E. Crosstalk between the androgen and estrogen receptors in breast cancer. MSc, 2016. 158 pp. Studieleier: AFRICANDER DJ. Medestudieleier: LOUW A.

PRETORIUS E. An investigation into the androgenic activity of 11-ketotestosterone and 11-ketodihydrotestosterone. MSc Biochemie, 2016. 132 pp. Studieleier: STORBECK K. Medestudieleier: SWART AC.

VAN SCHALKWYK FJ. Construction and analysis of a kinetic model of the ovine adrenal steroidogenic subsystem comprising CYP17 AND 3β-HSD. MSc, 2016. 103 pp. Studieleier: SWART P. Medestudieleier: SNOEP JL.

WALTERS N. Mathematical modelling of hypoglycaemia and lactic acidosis in the bloodstream of Plasmodium burghei infected rats; a feasibility study. MSc, 2016. 83 pp. Studieleier: SNOEP JL.