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Verhoog Group

​​GROUP LEADER:  Dr Nicky Verhoog

Position: Senior ​Lecturer 

Office:       A101, JC Smuts building

Phone:      +27-(0)21-808-5875

Fax:            +27-(0)21-808-5863


​​​Educational Background

PhD, University of Cape Town, Molecular and Cell Biology, 2010

Postdoctoral Fellow, Stellenbosch University 2011-2015

Research Emphasis

Steroid receptor signalling, gene regulation, cross-talk between glucocorticoids and inflammatory mediators, insulin signalling.

Research Description

Our main research focus is on the role glucocorticoids via the glucocorticoid receptor and inflammation have on insulin signalling.


Prof Ann Louw, University of Stellenbosch

Dr Donita Africander, University of Stellenbosch

Dr Carmen Pheiffer, Medical Research Council South Africa

Prof Holger Reichardt, Univeritatsmedizin Göttingen. Germany

Selected Publica​tions

N.J.D. Verhoog, F. Allie-Reid, W. Vanden Berghe, G. Haegeman, J. Hapgood, and A. Louw, Inhibition of Corticosteroid-binding Globulin Gene Expression by Glucocorticoids involves C/EBPβ, PLoS One, 2014 21;9(10):e110702

Y. Govender, C. Avenant, N.J.D. Verhoog, R. Ray, N.J. Grantham, D. Africander and J.P. Hapgood, The injectable-only contraceptive medroxyprogesterone acetate, unlike norethisterone acetate, suppresses inflammation in endocervical cells by genomic actions via the glucocorticoid receptor, PLoS One, 2014, 9(5)e96497.

N.J.D Verhoog, A. Du Toit, C. Avenant and J Hapgood, Glucocorticoid-independent repression of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) alpha-stimulated interleukin (IL)-6 expression by the glucocorticoid receptor: a potential mechanism for protection against an excessive inflammatory response, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286(22); 19297-19310, 2011

D. Africander, R. Louw, N. Verhoog, D. Noeth and J. Hapgood, Differential regulation of endogenous pro-inflammatory cytokine genes by medroxyprogesterone acetate and norethisterone acetate in cell lines of the female genital tract, Contraception, 84(4); 423-435, 2011.

D. Africander, N.J.D. Verhoog and J Hapgood, Molecular mechanisms of steroid receptor-mediated actions by synthetic progestins used in HRT and contraception, Steroids, 76(7); 636-652, 2011.

N.J.D. Verhoog, E. Joubert and A. Louw, Evaluation of the Phytoestrogenic Activity of Cyclopia genistoides (Honeybush) Methanol Extracts and Relevant Polyphenols, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 55(11); 4371-4381, 2007

N.J.D. Verhoog, E. Joubert and A. Louw, Screening of four Cyclopia (honeybush) species for putative phyto-oestrogenic activity by oestrogen receptor binding assays, South African Journal of Science 103: 13-21, 2007