Movement Science and Exercise Therapy
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​​​​​​​​​​​Division of Movement Science and Exercise Therapy

PhD students

Sharney Botha

PhD topic: Physical health and Executive Functioning profiles of pre-school children: A multi-country comparison.

Supervisors: Dr E. Africa (MSET), Prof M Duncan (Centre for Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences, Coventry University, Coventry, UK)

Simon de Waal

PhD topic: Development of an evidence-based submaximal trail running test to predict ultra-trail running performance

Supervisors: Prof R.P. Lamberts (MSET), Dr S Jacobs (Sport Science)

Michael Lumb

PhD topic:The relationship between cortical function and postural sway in persistent post-concussion South African rugby players with symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive moods

Supervisors: Prof K.E. Welman (MSET), Dr N Snegireva

MSc students

Annette Botha

Supervisors: Prof K.E. Welman (MSET), Dr E Atterbury (UCT)

Marnelle Botha

Supervisors: Prof K.E. Welman (MSET)

Andre Coetzee

Supervisors: Prof K.E. Welman (MSET)

Charl du Toit

Supervisors: Prof E. Africa (MSET), Dr C Vermaak (MSET), Prof W Derman (ISEM)

Conrad Litch

Supervisors: Prof K.E. Welman (MSET), Mr Ian Rainsford (MSET)

Megon Sam

Supervisors: Prof K.E. Welman (MSET), Dr S Stuart (Northumbria Univeristy, UK)

Honours Students

Amy Aspeling

Karabo Binamo

Amy Cullinan

Nicole du Preez

Cara du Toit

Tess Foster

Muhammad Fransh

Marcus Gunton

Dayton Hare

Layla Isaacs

Taahir Jeeva

Zenobea Jewaskiewitz

Ebrahim Kotwel

Annelize Labuschagne

Victoria Mupaya

Liesje Myburgh

Nicole Pretorius

Christie Smit

Tarine Strydom

Tatum Tarpey

Michelle van der Berg