​​​​Introduction and relevance of ​study

The aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of a video to educate patients undergoing renal dialysis regarding the use of their health data to ultimately improve their data literacy. We wish to investigate this via the following objectives:
  • to assess the impact of the content of a video to improve renal dialysis patients’ knowledge about their health data, informational rights, and social value of their health data;
  • to evaluate participants’ perceptions about the suitability and usability of the video
For this purpose, we will follow a quasi-experimental study design which will allow us to assess whether a video presented to renal dialysis patients about their health data and the processing of this health data by public and/or private institutions, over a period of a month, increases their knowledge in this regard.

Research team:

  • Prof Keymanthri Moodley (PI)
  • Prof Stuart Rennie (Co-PI)
  • Prof Razeen Davids
  • Prof Sharon Kling
  • Dr Thabiet Jardine
  • Dr Jyothi Chabilall
  • Ms Qunita Brown
  • Ms Nezerith Cengiz
  • Dr George R Chingarande
  • Prof Wim Delva
  • Ms Stephanie Hollocks
  • Mr Mogammad Amaan Jamalie
  • Mr Christopher Changfoot
  • Ms Anele Abraham
  • Mr Tawfeeq Hen​driks​​
  • Ms Kwazi Ndlovu
  • Ms Ruach Sarangarajan