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The transition of postdoctoral fellows from research appointments into permanent positions can be greatly enhanced by career development programmes. This is especially important in light of the numerous challenges that this cohort of individuals face. In addition to producing high quality publication outputs, postdoctoral fellows are expected to contribute towards the research environment by assisting in funding acquisition, supervising student, transferring knowledge, and designing novel research hypotheses. In 2016, the Tygerberg PDS aims to help local postdoctoral fellows surmount these challenges by hosting numerous, interactive academic career development workshops.  

The Tygerberg PDS will host one workshop each term which will be exclusively for postdoctoral fellows. Based on the suggestions and feedback derived from the 2015 Tygerberg PDS survey, the workshops were designed to address specific areas of focus: 

Term 1 (January – March)Project management
Term 2 (April –June)Grant proposal writing
Term 3 (July-September)Bio-Statistics
Term 4 (October-December)Social media as a tool to disseminate research findings


Additional resources

In addition to the workshops hosted by the Tygerberg PDS, you can consider the list below which provides a number of useful links to a variety of courses and workshops, hosted by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and Stellenbosch University. All of these courses or workshops are aimed at develop your research capacity and career. We hope this information will enable you to identify and enrol for specific courses and workshops which suit your personal circumstances and goals.

Kindly note that that the list below is not a comprehensive list.


» Research Development and Support (RDSD, Tygerberg Campus) skills training

» Division for Research Development (DRD) skills training

» Postgraduate and International Office (PGIO) skills training

» Writing lab skills training

» Library skills training

» Information Technology skills training


We are always keen to hear your ideas and suggestions, so please communicate with us on TygerbergPDS@sun.ac.za.


​​Previous events

14 October 2015 - Grant writing workshop

On the 14th of October 2015, the Tygerberg PDS, in association with the Division of Research Development and Support and Prof Nico Gey van Pittius (Deputy Dean: Research, hosted a grant proposal writing workshop.

The workshop covered the following topics:

  1. Which grants are postdocs eligible to apply for? (Dr Tania Brodovcky, Head of Research Capacity Development & Funding)
  2. Fundamentals of grant proposal writing (Riana Coetsee, Manager: International & Early Career Research Grants)​