​​Division of Molecular Biology & Human Genetics


Mycobacteriology​​: Host-Pathogen Mycobactomics​




  • Four members of our group attended the Twenty20Science Communication and Foundation Course held in Cape Town (03 - 06 May). The course focussed on 'soft' skills that are not learnt during undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. These included communication, leadership and presentation skills, all of which are essential for professional and personal growth. 
T20S picture.jpg
Group image taken at the Twenty20Science Communication and Foundation Course (from left to right): Julian Coetzee (PhD candidate) / Tom Jack Bartizal (MSc candidate) / Raadhiyah Mathee (MSc candidate) / Esther Uwimaana (PhD candidate). 

  • ​Miss Pamela Ncube graduated with her MSc degree, Cum Laude (30 March 2021). Pamela celebrated this ​achievement with a lovely family dinner. We are all very proud of you and are excited to see what your future holds!