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​​South African Tuberculosis Bioinformatics Initiative


​Bioinformatics is so diverse a field that no single investigator can be expert in all its branches. Correspondingly, the South African Tuberculosis Bioinformatics Initiative (SATBBI) is connected to groups throughout the Western Cape and around the world:



    Stellenbosch University Central Analytical Facilities produces molecular data from a wide variety of services, from DNA sequencing to cell imaging.


    The University of Cape Town features a team dedicated to Computational Biology. Nicola Mulder leads a team that emphasizes genomic investigations in tuberculosis pathogenesis.


    The University of Cape Town Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine is building scientific capacity for the study of a variety of diseases, particularly emphasizing HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.


    The University of Cape Town is home to the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative. SATBBI seeks to assist in management of data produced from their funded collaboration between SATVI and the immunology group at Stellenbosch University


    The Center for High-Throughput Computing maintains a cluster of more than 1000 nodes, each with twenty-four cores.


    The South African National Bioinformatics Institute delivers biomedical discovery appropriate to both international and African context.

Gates GC6

    The Gates Foundation Grand Challenge #6 team seeks to characterize the immune defense mechanisms responsible for protecting against tuberculosis.

Catalysis Foundation for Health

    The Catalysis Foundation manages research on diagnostic tests for tuberculosis, ensuring that the tests are designed, developed and delivered for use in target regions.

Bing Zhang Lab

    The Zhang Laboratory creates free tools for biological network and pathway inference in systems biology gene sets.