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Division of Molecular B​iology and Human Genetics



Standing from the left: Prof. Samantha Sampson (from the Host-Pathogen Mycobactomics Research Group), Dr. Anel Sparks, Prof. Gerard Tromp, Chipo Manda, Tiqvah Potgieter, Dr. Michelle Parker, Kimberly Coetzer, Maynard Meiring, Dr. Anandi Bierman, Abhinav Sharma, Ruvarashe Madzime and Prof. Gian van der Spuy; in the front: Dr. Ncité Da Camara, Jesse Asimeng & Dr. Elizna Maasdorp​


Biomedical sciences have become increasingly reliant on molecular biotechnologies and the volume of data produced has grown considerably. The Bioinformatics Research Unit is a group of researchers engaged in data management, developing computational analysis pipelines, and assisting other investigators with the computational, bioinformatics and statistical analyses of their research data.